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Strip Labels

These size strip labels are made for jeans, trousers, shorts, sweater, sweats and other folded garments in a retail setting. We have 1 ¼” x 5” as a stock item in over 150 different sizes.
We can customize both size, style and print in four colors to meet our customers’ needs and wishes.

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Our printed labels are great if you need a label with an intricate design. These labels can be used to clearly identify sales, promotions and special events.

No need investing lots of money and time to promote your brand. Our labels can be made into various shapes and styles for your special or seasonal promotions.

A cost efficient means of identifying sizes on various clothing colors for quick and easy identification.

Pick the right sizes with these classic style labels. They help you to identify sizes on various clothing colors.

Make your brand popular with our customized size labels. Customize with your brand’s logo or website URL to increase its popularity.

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