Why Mark Bric

Why mark bric products?

Easy for the Customer
  • Customers can find the right size quickly and easily, without assistance
  • Increased visibility of garments that the store want to highlight through advertising, price reduction, clearance, etc.
  • Since the customer no longer has to search for the size, the risk of soiled or damaged garments will be minimized
Profitable for the management
  • Strengthens the brand through a better shopping experience and satisified customers
  • Increases profitability through a higher level of self-service
  • Creates more time for pure sales activities rather than to sort and organize garments
Time saving for the staff
  • Easier to guide customers to the desired size and garment
  • Easier to keep organized and give customers a positive shopping experince
  • Enables staff to obtain a better overview of available garments in the shop

Introduction video