About Cookies

A cookie is a text file saved on your computer by the web browser. A cookie can contain different types of information and can be used in different ways. It could be used to determine if a visitor has been on the website before. It can also be used to provide the functions that makes the site better from the visitor’s perspective.
The information collected with cookies can be used to track the movement of visitors throughout the website. This is not the case with this site though. Mark Bric uses moderately cookies, if any (depending on which pages are visited). When used, cookies store temporary information in order to achieve a well-functioning website. Mark Bric does not store any information about the visitor.

If you do not approve the use of cookies you are free to disable them * or leave the website.
Loss of functionality could result in deactivation.

  • Disable cookies (Internet Explorer 8, PC) by selecting “Tools”, then “Internet Options”, click the “Privacy” tab. Move the slider toward the top. (The default setting is “Medium”).
  • Other browsers have similar options.