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There is no man named Mark Bric. It is simply a company name created by the company’s Swedish founder – Gert Johansson. He came up with the name when he first invented the Size markers.

Mr. Johansson had to devise a patent name/description for his new informational sizing tool so he combined the Size MARKing aspect of the product with the fact that the original sizers looked like tiny BRICKS and came up with the unique combination of Mark Bric.

Mark Bric invented the Size marker and has been serving the retail and garment industry for over 40 years. Mark Bric Size markers are made from durable plastic and provide a unique solution to the sizing problem.

There are 3-4 printing repetitions on each marker so it is visible from all directions. The quick and simple side opening allows attachment directly to hangers. The sizers provide neat and orderly presentations of your merchandise. Mark Bric sizers are competitively priced.

Using any of the sizing and informational products Mark Bric provides enables your customers to easily find sizes on the garments in your store. It allows you to spend less time organizing, sorting, inventorying and reordering merchandise.

In short it will increase sales time for your customer service personnel, reduce customer frustration and increase your profits. From a manufacturer’s standpoint, pulling orders is accomplished more effectively, checking orders becomes easy and efficient and audits are done rapidly.

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Please fill in our contact form or call one of our offices and we will be pleased help you.

Please fill in our contact form or call one of our offices and we will be pleased help you.

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The Mini marker is a smaller version of the Classic marker. The Mini marker is about the size of a coin and has a straight cylinder shape, while the classic marker is a sloped cylinder 3/8″ tall with a top diameter of 5/8″ and a bottom diameter of ¾”.

The Mini marker fits on a variety of hanger styles, including: metal turnable hook hangers, metal swivel hook hangers, satin intimate apparel hangers, and plastic hangers. The Mini marker takes up a smaller amount of physical space on the hanger than the Classic marker. It was introduced in 1985 as an addition to the product line. Often it is a more cost effective option.

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